How a Dab Pen Works?

2018-06-05 15:41

 Wax vaporizers are very easy to understand and better yet, easy to use. They usually come with a dab tool which is a metal pick that is sharp on both or either side. Take some wax and dab it into the wax chamber. If it has coils like most do, just lightly smear it across the coils. Make sure not to hit it hard or you might damage the coil. The more you use it, the more brittle they get. Close your mouthpiece and choose your temperature. Different pens will have a different way of changing temperature and color coordinating them. It is usually done by clicking the power button 3 times. You can read the instruction manual on your specific pen. Hit the button to activate the coils and give it about 3-4 seconds to let the wax heat up and turn into vapor. When you start taking a hit, it cools down the coils so they drop from their core temperature. Always remember to draw slowly and pace yourself.

Depending if your vaporizer is a 510 thread which is a universal thread connection from the battery to the chamber, you can use an eliquid tank. You can turn your dabs into e-juice and fill it into an atomizer for liquids. Simply fill your eliquid tank with the liquid, screw it onto the battery, and vape away.